From our regional milk producers to the family traditions (know-how)


From our regional milk producers to the family traditions 

The milk...

Since the very beginning of Tosi, we exclusively selected and used milk produced by cows born and bred on the shores of the two lakes near us, Orta and Maggiore. Why? Because, like our Gorgonzola, we belong to our territory.


The man & time...

Man is always at the epicentre of our Caseificio. Where today's world is completely reliant on machinery, we believe that our human care and sensibility are irreplaceable. For this reason, we remain Artisans. To preserve our nature, and to infuse character within our products.

Our Gorgonzola is never rushed. Time is an essential ingredient in our product. Our Caseificio is a calm, tranquil place, where our Gorgonzola rests for a minimum of 85 – 90 days.


Did you say sweet Gorgonzola?!

The wood...

Gorgonzola is alive. It grows, ferments and evolves. It needs to breathe in order to live. This is why the wood is such an integral part of the aging process, to ensure the correct environment and development of the cheese.

The Gorgonzola!

Velvety, runny and creamy, sweet and tasty to the palate. This is our Gorgonzola.

A bit of a temptation, guilty pleasure if you will with its intense flavour and beautiful texture. It is to be shared with friends over a bottle of good wine, adding to a convivial atmosphere.

A delight for your sight and taste.

We hope you enjoy!